An Artsy Fartsy Gathering

I had a get together at my house yesterday. About eight artists and I enjoyed some fellowship and chili. The chili turned out to be a good choice because not the weather had turned very cold and windy. By the time our gathering was wrapping up, snow was falling.

We talked about painting live during church. I got a few more sign-ups for The Stirring. In fact, only November and December are still open. Isn't that amazing! Only two months into 2009 and already the year is more or less booked. I can think of 2-3 artists who have yet to volunteer for this year who'd be interested in Nov. or Dec. I might have to start having more than one artist painting during the service.

2009 Stirring guest artist list:
  1. Jan -- Letitia Sutherlan*
  2. Feb -- Cara Ann Laughlin
  3. Mar -- Molly Brown*
  4. Apr -- Stephen Pilgreen*
  5. May -- Gail Wilkins
  6. Jun -- Alberto Cabrera
  7. Jul -- (Pam) Napapon Santirojprapai*
  8. Aug -- Joyce Petrina*
  9. Sep -- Richard Fudge
  10. Oct -- Pamela Davis*
  11. Nov -- Chris Reed
  12. Dec --
*First time to paint at live at The Stirring.

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