Better Prayers through Art

Two items that came to my attention recently that I thought were very interesting. They really reinforce the idea that art can add so much to your worship and relationship with God. Now I don't feel so bad about doodling in my bulletin at church.

Bored? Try Doodling To Keep The Brain On Task

by Alix Spiegel
The function of doodling, according to Andrade, who recently published a study on doodling in Applied Cognitive Psychology, is to provide just enough cognitive stimulation during an otherwise boring task to prevent the mind from taking the more radical step of totally opting out of the situation and running off into a fantasy world.
Praying in Color
by Sybil MacBeth
Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God by Sybil MacBeth introduces the active, visual prayer practice the author calls "praying in color." The book provides a little bit of memoir and theology and a lot of how-to. Step-by step instructions in Chapter 3 introduce "praying in color" as a way to do intercessory prayer. Additional chapters explain how the practice can be applied to learning Scripture, keeping Advent and Lent, practicing lectio divina, and praying in other ways.

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