Prayer painting completed

To Send a Prayer series, #1, by Richard Fudge

I tend to paint to music. Probably because I got use to doing that when I paint at the Stirring. I also think that music can be very inspiring and helpful if you need to stay in a certain frame of mind. For example, if I want to express anger in my painting, I keep the hard, load angry songs playing.

So for this series on prayer, I've been trying to build a playlist that fits the theme.

"New Redemption Song" – Over the Rhine
"Thank you my angel" – Over the Rhine
"Sending me angels" – Delbert McClinton
"Alleluia" – Erin Fudge
"Wish you well" – Katie Herzig
"Down to the River to Pray" – Alison Krauss
"Help!" – the Beatles
"Thank You" – Dido
"Did you get my Message" – Jason Mraz
"Don't Speak" – No Doubt
"Cold Shoulder" – Adele
"Night Terror" – Laura Marling
"Machines" – The Jealous Girlfriends

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