Drawing Closer to God Through Art - Free Seminar

Thursday, May 7, 12noon-1pm

In this discussion, artist Richard Fudge speaks about how art and creativity point back to The Creator.

  • Creating art as a form of worship to God
  • The act of creating or viewing art as a form of prayer
  • Art as a powerful way to speak to and impact others for God
  • Brief explanation of 8-12 works painted by Richard Fudge

Artist Richard Fudge will talk about how creating or viewing art can serve as a way to glorify God. Fudge frequently paints during worship services at his church, Hope Presbyterian, and is participating in "Impressions of the Cross," a group art exhibit at Hope featuring local artists' personal artistic interpretations of the cross.

Drawing Closer to God through Art
Thursday, May 7, 12noon-1pm

Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women
Conference Rooms A/B/C
6225 Humphreys Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38120

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