Gardening for men

I have a BIG yard. With nearly an acre of land and two dozen tress, picking up fallen branches and cutting the grass is some hard labor. It can take 3-4 hours to do it properly. In the dead heat of the summer, I dont even bother to cut the whole thing at once. I let the "back 40" go longer too.

Anyway, between the 3 wheelbarrow loads of branches and mowing, I did some checking up on my gardening. I think more husbands should do a little gardening. I'm not talking about wimpy, constant attention, costly plants. Better Homes and Gardens type flower beds. I'm talking hardy plants like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, "Yippie-ki-yay!" kind of hardy. Mean flowers that can choke out weeds. The Chuck Norris-es of the plant world like sunflowers, black eyed susans, daffodils, day lilies, and wild flowers.

Black eyed Susans got those shiners from kicking weed butt.
"Miracle-Gro? Whatcha talkin bout Willis!"

I like my plants to be almost a weed themselves. Stuff you can plant and let it take care of itself. I want to just shove those bulbs or seed in the ground and yell like a drill sergeant, "GROW. ON THE DOUBLE!" Let the nurseries baby their plants. I just want some flowers because if it blooms then I dont have to mow it.

Seed bombs - now that's manly gardening.

I had a relative that lived in the country. She had a wonderful flower bed. Half of the stuff she wasnt sure what the name was because she had found it out on a walk in the pasture and just dug it up. I like those old fashion plants that my grandmother had. No nonsense plants.

Mr 7ft tall Sunflower looks down at the little weeds and laughs.

Now, why bother? Points with the wife. Wives always want flowers. "Honey, you never buy me flowers anymore." Most men dont care for "wasting" money on cut flowers that die in 4-7 days. How much thought does that take anyway? "Here love, I got the milk, eggs, Coke... oh and the roses." Picking out a bottle of wine takes more effort.

So I pick flowers. Not all the time, but probably half the time those are the bouquets i give Erin. Hey, that's effort. "Here honey, I selected this, planted this, cared for this, and I'm giving you a small portion to enjoy inside."

So hardy that the sale of OxEye Daisy seeds is prohibited in CO, IL, IN, KS, MO, MT, OH, WA, WV, WY and Canada.

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