Including Art in Our Worship

"In the beginning, God created..." – Genesis 1:1

Art is an integral part of the Stirring. It’s presence in the service draws people in to one of the many ways others use their talents to worship God. Why add live art to the service? Art and creativity points back to The Creator. Creating was the very first thing God does in the Bible. He created everything from nothing. He created us in his own image and so there is a measure of creativity in us all. Almost all artistic expression begins from inspiration found in God's creation. At the very least, the pigment in the paints came from God's creation. We use live worship painting because it adds a completely new dimension to the experience.

From my experience as an artist, painting on stage in front of a live audience is like nothing you have ever encountered before.It adds a complete new dimension to your work, your worship, and your personal walk with God. At The Stirring, we don’t have a live painting once in a while. We do this every Sunday. Come join us.
— Richard Fudge, Senior Artist and Gallery Manager


What other artists have said to describe what they love about live painting at church:

  • “Painting with God really gives me clarity, focus, and peace.”
  • “It’s one of the most life giving, joyful experiences of my life.”
  • “The opportunity to visually impact people through the gift God has given me is a feeling that exceeds description.”
  • “When I paint as worship to God, I feel as though I am purely connected to Him in the embrace of creativity.”
  • “Painting let’s me express my relationship with God and my spiritual struggles.”

Volunteering to be a guest artist:

A guest artist commitments to attend and create art during one month (4-5 Sunday nights) of Sunday night services. The Stirring will provide the artist with the following: chair, table, small drop cloth and an easel. Inappropriate subject matter is not allowed. The artist can work on one piece for the entire month or a new one every week. It's up to you. We'd recommend working on a piece at least 18"x24" in size and not much larger than 40"x40". Larger works may require that the artist provide their own easel.

Artist participation during the service:
It is important that you arrive at or before 4:50 PM each Sunday in order to set up and begin your artwork before the congregation enters the worship center at 5:25 PM.

The artist is positioned to the right side of the stage. The artist will remain on the stage until one of the worship leaders prays the prayer before the sermon. During that prayer, the artist comes down from the stage and is seated in the congregation. After the pastor has finished his sermon, he will pray again. During this prayer, the artist will make his/her way back up to the stage to create until the end of the service. The artist will usually be featured on video at the time of the offering and special music.

The Stirring ends at about 6:30 pm. After the service, people may come up to ask the guest artist about the piece. If they are artists as well, please encourage them to volunteer to paint at the Stirring. It's also not unusual for someone to offer to buy the piece. There is a certain connection and attachment created when you watch a piece develop during a worship service. After the service is over, please put away the chair, table and easels in the storage closet behind the large screen at the right of the stage.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece of art, displaying your art, or painting during The Stirring, contact me by leaving a comment.

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Ab said...

God visual communicates the word through artists .... we are the flesh of that seed that he plants within us ... god bless