Sending my love - artwork and t-shirt

"Sending My Love"
mixed media on illustration board
8"x24" unframed, 12"x28" approx when framed and matted

About the artwork: When you were a kid, did you enjoy letting go of balloons and watching them float away? Sometimes you'd attach a note or toy and would wonder where it ended up. Lately, I've been thinking about sending messages to lost loved ones. This concept was inspired by Camp Good Grief. At the end of the camp, they hold a special bereavement service. During the service, one by one each child, 7 to 12 years old, who has lost a close friend or family member releases a letter to the person attached to a balloon. I chose to use a children's book illustration style to reflect the innocence and simplicity of memorial service. So just how many balloons would it take to send a letter to heaven?

Note about t-shirt design: I would have it printed on a cornflower blue shirt. It would require 4 screens for the black, yellow, white and red colors. It could be done with fewer screens and colors if needed.
Alternatae t-shirt design: I would have it printed on red shirt to match the little guy on the painting.
This is basically my entry for an UrbanArt contest. Maybe my art will get chosen. That would be fun.

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