An Amazing Night for Art at The Stirring

This past weekend at The Stirring was incredible. It has given me a burst of passion for live painting at church. It’s something we do every Sunday at The Stirring, but I realized I haven’t made any posts about using art as an important part of the worship service.

The service was very spiritually charged and emotionally engaging. Along with the art being created on the stage, the worship music, and Michael's awesome message, we had an incredible artist panel. We had a panel of three artists who have volunteered to paint at the Stirring numerous times. Michael asked Chris, Gail, and Cara Ann these questions: 1, Explain for us your experience of worshiping God through art. 2, Do you use your art as a way to talk to other people about your relationship with Jesus? 3, If you to ever be in a room filled with Christians and spiritually searching people, what is one thing you would say to them about art? Their discussion was inspiring and one of the most tangible ways to explain to people how worship and art go hand in hand.

Everyone at the Stirring really gave it their all and helped make this weekend a masterpiece. I feel like I just finished senior thesis again and that this weekend was the final exam and presentation. For the question, that we are sometimes asked, "What is the Stirring? What is the mission or purpose?" Last Sunday is my reply.

I don't know if you made it but if you couldn't be there, I thought you might be interested in these links. Our special guest artist was Deeann Carson, a recent grad from MCA. She's written about the event on her blog and has some great shots of our gallery and her painting on stage that night. (BTW she sold 16 paintings that weekend).



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