Concept inspired by the play Eurydice

I went to the University of Memphis this past week to see their production of Eurydice. It was so amazing. The music, the acting, the sound, the lighting, the set, the props... everything. I must have a half dozen ideas for paintings inspired by the play. 

First of all, I want to steal their mailboxes. In part of the play, the dead characters in the Underworld try to send letters to characters still alive in upper world. To help illustrate the difficulty, the stage has about a dozen mailboxes on long slightly curved poles. Like 15-20 feet high. the whole concept of how do you send a letter to above and how can you receive one from below is very spiritual to me. 

I loved the visual. It's like mailboxes for on high or a metaphor for prayer. I want to do a couple of paintings based on them. I also want one actual mailbox on a high pole for a set piece for The Stirring. We could do a sermon series on prayer; Enough postage: how do i get my prayer to God, Return address: will my prayer get returned unanswered, Tracking Number: when will i get an answer... etc. you get the idea (i'll let the guy doing the sermon worry about that).

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