Do you ever use your art to talk to others about your relationship with Jesus?

Do you ever use your art to talk to others about your relationship with Jesus? Here are some of the answers I received from artists who have painted at The Stirring.

Alberto: Not really. A conversation about a certain piece may lead to me sharing my personal testimony. But to be honest... I try to use my art as a way to encourage others to share their spiritual blessings and hardships.

Brooke: Yes. Since my main focus is Cross art and I love to explain my special relationship I have, my triumphs and valleys, etc.

Julie: Yes, I talk about how my artwork is a God thing and that I prayed about what I am painting and how he led me to paint churches to look like stained glass on metal

Jennifer: Only when someone asks about a specific painting, I will go into how it was created through worship.

Mike: The art I have produced for the past several years has been a reflection of my relationship with Jesus. I send my work to a number of ‘unbelievers’ occasionally and sometimes a conversation ensues.

Kevin: No, not specifically but I have replied to questions about where I learned how to draw or paint...and I simply respond that God gave it to me.

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perilloparodies said...

I think my "works" speak for themselves, for the most part. My papercuts are often testimony to what God is working in me, what matters most, etc... I would think that most art does portray this, unless a painter/artist is also an actor and good at painting what he is not feeling or what he does not know... I could be very wrong... I am not a painter, but the little artsy stuff i do you can see at http://daysease.blogspot.com/ I found you by your comment on DeeAnn's blog... :-) blessings...