Explain how you feel when you worship God through art

Here are some of the answers I received from artists who have painted at The Stirring. (# at The Stirring) is the number of times that artist has painted for one month during The Stirring service.

Alberto: Painting let's me express my relationship with God and my spiritual struggles. I get a chance to express my feelings, my inner most secrets, the things i would keep to myself and not share with the world. I see painting more then just worship...it's my way of praying to God. (5 times at The Stirring)

Brooke: I love love it!! I feel its the time when I can connect with my "talent" and worship through my paintbrush and mouth as I sing the praise music. It is a very humbling time for me to be stage centered, on God's time, and surrounded by only encouragement. I think we heal through music and art, or at least I do, and this experience has let me do that. No better testimony to me than to show you my struggles but also how God has picked me up, dusted off me feet, and said take your pearls and follow me Brooke! I am very thankful for the opportunity The Stirring has given me to show "my pearls" per say! (1 time at The Stirring)

Cara: Painting with God really gives me clarity. I stop thinking about all my worries and just focus. (3 times at The Stirring)

Jennifer: I feel more peaceful when I am using artwork to worship God. It gives me more focus to make it a part of worship rather than excluding God from it. When I exclude God from my art, I am less driven, and get more frustrated more easily. (2 times at The Stirring)

Julie: I feel like I am a servant to God's kingdom and that the experience can be shared with others. I let God work through me. (2 times at The Stirring)

Kathy: When I'm painting and "in the zone" as you said, I feel at one with the universe. I feel totally obedient and fine-tuned to what God wants me to do. I feel like the act of painting and creating something on a canvas completes me as a person. When I come back the next morning and look at what I've done, I'm not always as thrilled with the final product, but the creation process is a wonderful sort of one-on-one feeling with God, and I think with His help, I can keep improving.

Kevin: Mostly I feel simply blessed that He gave me the gift and talent. Many times I feel like my art is not worthy enough, too. (3+ times at The Stirring)

Mike: It is extremely satisfying to me when the invisible (my imagination) becomes visible (my art). Usually, however, there is a frustrating discrepancy between my imagination and my reality. Reconciling this discrepancy illustrates the grace of God, in that He ‘sees’ me as a finished work. (many times at The Stirring)

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Erin Fudge said...

I feel like when I paint as worship to God as though I am purely connected to Him in the embrace of creativity. Even if what I come up with isn't the prettiest thing, I feel like it's a part of my soul, of my journey that has taken place. Every painting that I do puts me either a few steps forward or back on my journey. Usually, when I include God in the process, the steps go forward.