Grace Like Rain - Wash Me - Live painting concept

reverse graffiti. art made by cleaning dirty city walls...hmm that's cool. I also really liked this church's
CLEAN event.

How could i use that? why not do a painting in white on a black background. Seal it up so the white stays white. Then use charcoal, dirt, etc to cover up the entire piece. So at the start of the service, its just this dull black piece. Instead of painting, I'll use sponges and cloths to wash the surface to slowly reveal the white under painting.

Theme of the painting is from the song "grace like rain"
Grace like rain,
falls down on me
all my stains are washed away

Title of painting "Wash Me"

Then we should play "Grace like Rain" and to sing it so that it is last song before the sermon. By the end of the song, the painting would be washed clean to reveal the art underneath. I like the idea and symbolic image of finding beauty underneath an ugly mess. It may take a couple of tries to get the piece to work as I envision it.

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