Embedded - permanent words of faith

I was thinking about this the other day. I think a very interesting show to have in the gallery would be a collection of black and white photos of tattoos. They would have to be PG shots of course. All the shots would be detailed shots of tattoos of spiritual meaning. Tattoos that are words from a scripture or a just a verse notation like "psalm 23". But if needed I'd allow some unique icons like crosses and trinity tatts.

I just think it would be interesting to see what verses or words from scripture people have chosen permanently imprint on their body (and life). In addition to the photos, I would want do short interviews with the people. Just ask a couple basic questions. Like why did you get that particular tattoo? when? what does it mean to you now? something like that to include as a personal story to go by each photo. Tattoos always have an interesting story especially ones that are expressions of your beliefs or faith. 

For example, my tattoo says, "for thou art with me. psalm 23" and it is across the left side of my chest. I got it back in Sept of 2009 because I knew that my life was about to enter a seriously dark and lonely time. A time when i would certainly need a daily reminder that even through all of this i am not alone. I have my faith, my friends, and my family. It also fulfilled the need to feel something other than heartbreak and do something self destructive. Like I said it was a dark time. Anyway, Psalm 23 has always been a favorite verse of mine and holds many different meanings and memories. 

This sorta what I'm thinking about for look of the series, but I'd need to work with a photographer. I'd do the interviewing about the story behind the tattoo. Tattoos always have an interesting story especially ones that are expressions of your beliefs or faith. What words have you chosen to embed in yourself?


livingpalm said...

been reading your blog for awhile -- I think this is a great concept!

robyn blaikie collins said...

love it... wish mine had a spritual implication