More Road Trip Suggestions

Kathy is my road trip hero. She does some big 2 week trip to a gorgeous national park just about every year it seems. In July of 2008, she did 5500 miles in 10 days including a 21 hrs non-stop drive from Memphis to South Dakota. Her trip included the Badlands and Black Hills, Crazy Horse Memorial, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. 

Favorite Road Trip Traditions/Games:

I’m not huge into traditions or games.
I’ll do the “spot the most different states/countries license plates” or “twenty questions, guess who/what I’m thinking of” sort of games.

Highpoint/Lowpoint of the day/overall trip are great conversation starters. That’s an awesome way to stop, breath and relive the good moments and vent about the bad moments with your companions at the end of each day. This is reallllly helpful to keep things friendly on long trips. Usually works better with girls than guys though...

I guess these are my traditions:
1. Make a point to get to know some of the people I meet along the way. Not all of them, cause I’m not that outgoing or energetic! Often helps me to appreciate how we are all so different, but still so similar. It allows me to recognize and say hi to the same people again and again along the road, which makes for the most random and friendly moments. 

One of my favorites was while waiting in front of the McDonald Lodge in Montana for our Jammer Bus Tour Guide to return. It was just a retired gentleman from North Dakota and me sitting on a bench enjoying the perfect weather. He’d heard the tour guide mention I was from Memphis. Turns out he was a huge Tigers Basketball fan. We had the best discussion on Memphis coaches, team history and where the team was going. I was amazed by his excitement and knowledge, and I think he was amazed that a girl from Memphis was talking basketball to him in Montana. :-) Since I was travelling alone, he and his wife invited me to sit with them during lunch to continue our conversation...which did move beyond basketball, eventually...love those moments.

2. Make a point to get up and out early at least once. Find some quiet alone time and watch the sunrise. City trips – a cup of coffee with a view of the city/neighborhood.
Beach/mountain/country trips – a walk/drive to quiet location with an inspiring view to have breakfast with only the local wildlife around.

3. I always make a point try to find something unique or quirky to randomly stop at along the road...Always do my best to avoid eating/shopping at major chains. Can’t completely avoid them, but I try...Love cheesy or decrepit camp stores...

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