New art gallery to open in Cooper-Young area

David Smith to open Cooper Young gallery in May - Memphis Business Journal:

 David P. Smith is opening a new art gallery in the historic Cooper Young neighborhood on May 7. The new gallery will be in a two-story, 1,600-square-foot building at 703 New York.

lt's good to see art galleries opening. It gives me some hope that i might sell some more art myself. I guess this is technically more of a relocation. It's the same owners as the recently closed Perry Nicole Gallery which always seemed to be in an easy to forget location to me. But I like it when galleries cluster together in areas of town. It makes attending openings more fun when you can just keep walking down the road and seeing more art. South Main is/was like that (the number of galleries is always in flux). Broad Ave. has gotten that way. That stretch of Central between East Parkway and Cooper St. has a couple galleries there. And there are a few more on Cooper. Maybe not enough close together for an art walk but who knows.  Maybe we'll see a few other galleries pop up there. 

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