This Year I'm going Pro

That's right. I'm going Pro. Not in football or some other sport, but as an artist. Ok, I'm not quitting my day job, it's not that drastic or daring. But at least I've now got corporate sponsorship - sorta. I just signed on for the largest painting I've ever done. Two 4 ft by 6 ft canvases combined to create one massive painting. I'm going to need a bigger easel (hah, when i read this i think of "you're going to need a bigger boat"). I ordered the custom canvas yesterday, and will be placing an order with cheapjoes.com for other supplies soon.

Not Alone – proposed set for a grief counseling center for children. This is just a rough sketch.

Also in the "i cant believe im doing this" art news, I'm working on a children's book with 2 very talented writers based on my "To Send a Prayer" series. The thing is. I have to create like 15 new paintings at a size that is better suited for the book's layout. In 4-6 months, I should be able to sell you a book that I illustrated. Crazy! 

I have one of my 12"x36" paintings that I sold through Facebook and need to ship to.... wait for it... Sierra Madre, CA. Does that make me a nationally known artist?  ;)   - Update, so I went to Fedex at the suggestion of Deeann Rieves who ships her work all the time. I couldnt find a good box so I just took the painting there and hoped they had one. they did have one for paintings but it was huge! We boxed it up using that box and then weighted it and figured the shipping. It was going to be 100 bucks. After I picked myself off the floor, i suggested we cut down the box and try again. It took at lot of work (on the Fedex girl's part not mine. I just supervised.) but we got cut the box down to about a third of the original size. At the new size, it was only going to cost 30 and that included the box i purchased. WIN

Now I just need to get commissioned to illustrate a favorite band's cover art (just give me a call Over The Rhine, Avett Brothers, Amber Rubarth, A Fine Frenzy, I'll be happy to cut you a deal. hey if we're going to pretend, let's shoot for the moon.) Or I could be represented by a fancy art gallery. It'd have to be something pretty BIG to top what's already happened. I've pretty much surpassed any expectations or goals I had set for myself this year. 

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robyn blaikie collins said...

awesome! you rock. you know.